How we broke one of the last remaining tabus

Danish Consumer Council
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10 % of all young Danes suffer from depression, bad sleep and anxiety due to a poor overview of their personal finances. The Danish Consumer Council wanted to change this. But how do you make one of the hardest target audiences there is, interested in one of the most boring subjects there is: finances. Well, we took young people seriously. And we took our time. 


We made a 360 campaign with three 8-minute short films at the centre, as well as guides, how-to’s, and educational material for Danish schools with one simple message: Speak up. 


Did it work? You bet it did. 96.000 young people took action, and spoke up as a direct result of the campaign. The films had an unusually high view-through and retention rate according to Google and one of the last remaining tabus in our society is being dealt with.