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We Chase Unicorns For a Living

The story of the Unicorn that was told thousands of years ago, still finds its way into little girls’ rooms and pop culture. Why? Because the story was simple, original, timeless and inspiring. But more than that, it was a good idea. And that is what we do.

Danish Consumer Council
Many ways to say
Danish Consumer Council
Baby in red
Doctors Without Boarders
Drive-by infection
Doctors Without Boarders
Long live the music — Christopher
YouSee X Universal Music
Long live the Music — Aqua
YouSee X Universal Music
The Other Side
Danish Consumer Council
Hug You
Doctors Without Boarders
Choose fast. Choose metro
Copenhagen Metro
Life saving bloopers
Doctors Without Boarders
The Friendship
Danish Consumer Council
Imagine Kalundborg
Kalundborg Municipality


We don’t care much about prestige, size or budgets. But we do care about people who care. And so far, we are proud to have clients who do just that.

Our four legs


Creative work needs good culture like a carrot needs rich soil. So we work hard to have the best possible conditions, where ideas and people can grow and are nourished with the utmost care and attention. Because ultimately, the best work comes from the best people, and the best people need the right, well … soil.
It almost goes without saying. But let’s do it anyway. Creativity is at the core of everything we do, from strategy to idea to the final execution. Because when it comes to business, no matter what yours is, creativity goes a long way – it breaks the clutter, breaks convention and finds a place in hearts and minds.

Collaboration is everything. Without it you rarely accomplish anything. From clients to directors, experts to influencers, we believe the best solutions come from working with the best in their field. But collaboration is as much an external approach as what we do internally, within our four walls, every single day. 

Sure, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But it is what makes us pick it from the shelf. Same goes for good communication: what it is, is just as crucial as how it looks, feels and tastes. So we put as much attention into the craft, as the idea itself, because craft is what it takes for work to stand out and stand the test of time. 

Thomas Pries

Creative Director & Founder

Thomas is a true creative. He sees opportunities in everything and everyone, and has proven time and time again that he finds new ways to get there. With a background in games development and a passion for filmmaking, he knows what it takes people to move from A to B, and move their mindset at the same time. 

+45  61 33 38 68



Mette Hørdum

Managing Director & Founder

Mette takes good care of the clients and the agency. And then some. She is a rare hybrid between planners and accounts and who fights for creativity and battles triviality. But more importantly she is a true do’er – she makes things happen. For the clients, for the creatives or anyone around her.

+45  21 84 40 04



Peter Metcalfe

Creative Director & Founder

Peter is our English / Danish storyteller and creative strategist. With a past as a Copywriter and Creative Director, he makes sure that what is said, is said well. Peter has worked at some of Denmark’s most creative agencies, and tops that off with 4 years of international experience, bringing a new perspective to the work.

+45  61 66 84 61